What you Resist, Persists…..

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Let Go Letting water over rocksGo – Yoga is about self-acceptance, not self-improvement.

Have been contemplating lately about the concept of “letting go” – it seems on the surface so very simple, and in some ways, it may be, but really what are really letting go of?

I have been doing work over the past four years with the Inner Journey Group headed by Michael Schiesser and Neelama Julie Eyres and my therapist Maria Marrongelli. It was a natural next step on my path of self-discovery. As great as the yoga practice is for therapy, I needed guidance and support.  Although many techniques are used during a session, much of this work involves identifying something that is a trigger, that sets me off, then simply to sit quiet, become present, follow the sensation/emotion inside and the accompanying thoughts.

Observer work. Watch them, become present and detach somewhat observe and experience how that energy shifts, transforms and softens. I know, sounds a lot like a yoga practice – very much the same work we do in yoga – whether it be flowing through asana or quietly sitting in meditation.

In this way, the “letting go” has meant not to resist but to allow it and give it a voice. What you resist, persists.  This means, that I can allow myself, on some days, feel crappy, sad, depressed, or to let the inner judges have their say too (even if it isn’t nice) – but to do so from a place of Present Awareness.

I have also learnt, that many of my “core issues” will always be “core issues” – that my doubts, insecurities and fears will continue to be mine – and by naming this “monster” and giving it space to exist, a few fangs have been removed…..

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