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me-240x300The Ottawa community is blessed by many wonderful yoga teachers.  My friend Tania Frechette at is certainly worthy of praise,

Though she is small in stature she is mighty in spirit. She is not afraid to go after what she wants, try new things and moreso, she also knows when it is time to leave and move on to make space for something greater. At present, she is completing her training in Shamanism, but she is also a very talented artist, jewellery maker yoga teacher and many other things.

The Yoga texts encourage you (as a student/sadhka) to surround yourself with inspiring people, and I’m sure glad to have Tania in my circle.

Tania and I go way back, she was there to “grade” and provide comment on my very first outside run Kundalini Yoga Class when I was taking my training at Rama Lotus.



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