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IMG_1392Summertime. A shift in priorities & perspectives.

Generally, I love/need routine and order in my life (I don’t even like messy hair on me) – but also enjoy a break from it.

Still happily teaching my classes at Adi Shesha Yoga Zone and some corporate/privates, but taking some time to make family/friends a little more important.

Feeling nervous about 9 days Inner Journey Facilitation Training starting July 18 to learn to become a better communicator and deal with some inner demons.

Then off for more time with family and trip to Nova Scotia with the parents in August, all with a small reno in the works in the house ‪#‎dirt‬ ‪#‎stress‬‪#‎disorder‬.

Being present as best I can to enjoy it all.

Do miss the ‪#‎yogafamilyworld‬ and to be missing out on some great workshops/events during this time too, but will be happy to get back at it in September ‪#‎renewed‬.

What are your priorities? You make time for what is important and at times it needs to shift.

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