Naming Conventions and the Online Yoga Video World

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Namquiz-what-style-of-yoga-is-best-for-you_541c7a1fc1c0c_w1500ing Conventions. Small pet peeve.

I have been signed up with a variety of different yoga video web sites (myyogonline, yogaglo) and I have a small irritation with the way classes are described. They do not seem to respect the different styles of yoga and what that will mean in terms of the actual type of practice. In particular the use of the word “restorative” and “yin” which are two very different practices, but are terms that are used interchangeably.

While I agree whole-heartedly that at its core, a good yoga practice can be both restorative and therapeutic, yin and yang; improper naming distracts and confuses. For example, one video named “Restorative Hip Opener” showed a woman in a tripod headstand with her legs up the wall in bound angle position.

A true restorative practice is about Being, rather than Doing, a variety of props, bolsters, blankets, and blocks are used to support the body, there is zero muscular effort used, nothing to achieve, to allow for deep relaxation and healing to take place.

Names do serve a purpose, at the very least, they provide an idea of what the student can expect to be doing in a given class; will I be moving, building heat, or will I be passively stretching to work deep in the myofascial lines as yin does, or will I be resting completely, supported and relaxed?  I wish more video sites could respect what these names represent.

Do you use yoga video sites, what do you think, have you come across this? Let me know….

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