I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. 
Get over it, with that attitude you never will be. Don’t believe the hype you see in magazines, yoga isn’t really about that. You are not required to be flexible nor be in perfect physical shape to start your yoga practice. Yoga is very adaptable and exercises can be modified for different levels of flexibility.

If I am injured, can I still do yoga?
It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor or health care specialist. Most importantly, always listen to your body and make sure you’re never pushing beyond your own limits.

What should I wear?
The recommended clothing depends on how strenuous the class is and the temperature of the room. In general, I suggest wearing something you can move comfortably in. Light, fitted clothes are preferable, and please be mindful that some clothing can gape and even be see-through when bending and stretching in yoga postures.

Yoga is done barefoot therefore you do not need any special footwear.  When attending a class you will need a yoga mat and water.