“Natalie’s class, Yoga for Absolute Beginners, had me at “Absolute Beginners…” Natalie’s teaching style focuses on breathing, correct form and avoiding injury—not on how far you can bend or reach. As someone coming to yoga as a result of an injury, this is important to me. Natalie introduces each pose with its traditional name, so eventually I may even learn some sanskrit! Namaste.” – Benedict (Ben) Schmidt

“Be prepared for an amazing experience if you attend Natalie’s class and if you are a regular consider yourself blessed.  While you benefit from the energy of the group, Natalie ensures that you receive an experience that finds your edge.  Just like Goldilocks, not too much, not too little, just right.  A real authentic yoga experience focused on the breath as the fundamental guide to your practice.  Natalie is constantly focused on evolving the practice by feedback, through her extensive experience and the numerous workshops she continuously attends – all to make us students have the best experience possible.” – Roxanne Anderson

“With Natalie as my yoga guide, I have found a path to greater harmony. Each practice allows me to move through an elegantly crafted series of postures, bringing me closer to my centre. Her presence is like an ethereal Jiminy Cricket, gently nudging me to the truth of my practice, my existence, and my self.” – Pamela Heneault

“Natalie is an extraordinarily patient and attentive teacher.  I have been taking her classes for a number of years, and I do not find yoga easy, and a number of basic moves are still extremely challenging for me.  Natalie makes sure that I am always pushing myself and provides excellent alternative postures that ensure I can fully participate in her classes.  She takes the time to learn about each of her students, and then provides options that address any limitations.  It is like having a personal trainer in a class environment.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone-from those who are yoga-curious to those who are more advanced.” – Andrea Knight

“I run, play volleyball and do weights – and by the end of the week my body is stiff and/or hurting. After Natalie’s class my aches and pains are greatly diminished or completely gone. Natalie gives excellent instructions on how to get the pose just right, and she is always walking around and helping us. She has a great sense of humour so in addition to all the benefits of yoga, it is a fun class.” – Joan Smith

“It is always a joy to be along for the ride while someone practices their passion. Natalie’s fluency in the language of the body and of yoga, her creativity and spontaneity in structuring the class, her responsiveness to the inspiration of the moment and the needs of the students, elicit that joy. While the components that Natalie skilfully guides her students through may be familiar, no two classes are ever the same. Yoga with Natalie is always challenging, fun, and restorative, and I emerge feeling stretched, rebalanced, and energized.- –Rachel Eugster, actor, singer, writer, editor, and perpetual Hatha Beginner”