• Natalie’s class, Yoga for Absolute Beginners, had me at “Absolute Beginners…” Natalie’s teaching style focuses on breathing, correct form and avoiding injury—not on how far you can bend or reach. As someone coming to yoga as a result of an injury, this is important to me. Natalie introduces each pose with its traditional name, so eventually I may even learn some sanskrit! Namaste.–Ben Schmidt

  • Be prepared for an amazing experience if you attend Natalie’s class and if you are a regular consider yourself blessed.  While you benefit from the energy of the group, Natalie ensures that you receive an experience that finds your edge.  Just like Goldilocks, not too much, not too little, just right.  A real authentic yoga experience focused on the breath as the fundamental guide to your practice.  Natalie is constantly focused on evolving the practice by feedback, through her extensive experience and the numerous workshops she continuously attends – all to make us students have the best experience possible. .–Roxanne Anderson

  • With Natalie as my yoga guide, I have found a path to greater harmony. Each practice allows me to move through an elegantly crafted series of postures, bringing me closer to my centre. Her presence is like an ethereal Jiminy Cricket, gently nudging me to the truth of my practice, my existence, and my self.”  Pamela Heneault

Simply Yoga.  Uncomplicated. Inhale, Exhale, Pose. Align.
Simply Yoga. Non-competitive. Supportive. Friendly. Safe.
Simply Yoga. Understand. Recognize Patterns. Habits, Reactions of the Mind.
Simply Yoga.